What are they?

Pony Club


We are a centre membership for the Pony Club which was put together by the Pony Club specifically for children without their own ponies. This enables children who want to come along and learn a lot more about ponies and they are then tested and receive badges for riding and stable management.

There are 30 achievement badges and we hold lectures and tests on a regular basis. Also we do the Bronze, Silver and Gold riding and stable management tests. Most of our pony club members sew their badges onto their Spanish bit jumpers and wear them with pride!

These activities also allow the children a lot more time on the yard with the horses. It has found to be ideal for those horse-lovers who want to learn and develop their knowledge and understanding of horses and how to work with them as much as possible.

It's never too late to join! Suggested age group: 7 and up

Own a Pony Days


These require the children to already be riding in one of our group lessons. The children are with us from 9:30am to 3.30pm and their time will include at least 2 hours riding. During the rest of the day the children will learn stable management skills and generally have a fun-packed day. These are invaluable days for friendship and confidence building.

Suggested age group: 7 and up

Junior Dressage/Jumping Days


9:30am - 3.30pm A day of activities! Children learn to ride a dressage test or a jumping course in the morning, for a competition in the afternoon.

Upcoming Events

Please check back here for all upcoming events

  • Coronavirus Update

    In line with the latest government roadmap, we are delighted to be re-opening from Monday 29th March. We will of course be continuing with our social distancing and COVID-safe measures around the yard. Please call on 01628 661275 for details and bookings!

    Welcome Back!

  • *New* Pony Bubble Days!

    We will be continuing with our new Pony Bubble Days, for 5 children a day, please ring the office to book in.

    We will of course be taking every possible precaution to keep the children and staff safe, by following government social distancing guidelines, including a separate area to the yard for lunch and lectures etc.

  • Wednesday 31/3/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Thursday 1/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Friday 2/4/21

    Good Friday 2 Hour Adult Ride 10am-12pm £70

    Good Friday Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Tuesday 6/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Wednesday 7/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Thursday 8/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Friday 9/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Tuesday 13/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Wednesday 14/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Thursday 15/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55

  • Friday 16/4/21

    Bubble Day 10am-3:30pm £55